Century 21 Auto Insurance

How Good is Century 21 Auto Insurance

Century 21 auto insurance as a subsidiary of Farmers Insurance Group, a leading insurer of automobiles in the United States, is an auto insurance company which is located in the city of Wilmington in Delaware. As of year 2010, the company has about two million active car insurance policyholders. If you have a car and you want an auto insurance that is cheap and has quality, finding a century 21 vehicle insurance quote may help you a lot.

Century 21 Auto Insurance Company History

In the year of 1958, the company is popularly known as 20th Century Insurance. In year 2005, the firm was acquired by AIG, and Farmers Insurance Group purchased the company by 2009. Today, Century 21 car insurance company is already a part of the third biggest leading insurer. When compared to other insurance companies, 21st Century was committed in providing cost-effective policies. If you have doubts about what others say about the company, you may seek for some websites that share information regarding on how it provides services.

Financial Rating

According to an organization that rates insurance companies, 21st Century Auto Insurance has a rating of A because of its economic stability and creditworthiness. This also means that the company is an excellent firm and offers the best services around.

Overall Customer Satisfaction

Although a majority of the reviews for 21st Century auto insurance company are positive, the company did not pass on some categories such as pricing, payment, policy offering, and billing. That is the reason why the overall customer satisfaction of the company is average. So, what are its offered policies?

Century 21 Auto Insurance, as its name suggests, basically provides auto related policies. But, you have to take note that they offer different types of car policy. Therefore, before you seek for the right insurance company, you have to know first those types for you to acquire the right policy you need. Apart from car related policy offerings, they also offer the following:

  • Homeowners Insurance
  • Classic Car Insurance
  • Life Insurance
  • Flood Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance

21 Century Vehicle Insurance Discounts

The nice thing about the company is that its policyholders can enjoy many discounts. They can benefit from Medical Assistance and 24-Hour Travel, Roadside Service, and Identity Theft Restoration without paying for an additional charge. Policyholders may also enjoy some discounts on other retailers with the use of special coupons, which are offered by Century 21 Auto Insurance to its policyholders.

Insurance Rates

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Century 21 Auto

21st Century Auto Insurance is best known for offering excellent rates for all types of typical car policies. In fact, many people state on their reviews that their rates are the one that captured their attention. That is why they choose the company as their insurer. Unlike other insurance companies, 21st century vehicle insurance for farmers provides rates which are competitive and unbeatable.

Customer Service

In terms of customer service, 21st Century Auto Insurance has the best customer support. Many can also attest that the customer service of the company is reachable. Most of the reviews of 21st Century Auto Insurance stated that its customer support is always there to serve everyone who needs their assistance. In addition to that, the customer representatives of the company are friendly, knowledgeable, and provide immediate response. Whether you send a message via email or you gave them a phone call, they won’t let you wait for too long because the company knows the importance of time to their customers.

Century 21 Vehicle Insurance Claims Handling

Although the company is best known for their excellent customer service and low policy rates, some reviews posted about the company stated that the handling of auto insurance claims of the company is different. When it comes to claims handling, 21st Century Auto Insurance has a low score compared to other companies such as Progressive, Geico, and Allstate. Some customers also complain about the low valuations that are offered by the company once their cars were damaged. Moreover, many policyholders have complained that the claims remain unpaid and open for months or even years after their date of submission.

Century 21 Vehicle Insurance Reviews

All in all, the customer reviews of Century 21 Auto Insurance are 50 percent negative and 50 percent positive. The positive reviews of the company praise the low rates of policies. The customer service of the company is also complimented. Customer reviewers like its customer service because of its fast service. The official website of the company is also liked by almost all policyholders because it is simple to navigate and provides quick access on their needed information about the policies. The negative reviews of 21st Century Auto Insurance revolve around the concerns about claims handling. Also, other policyholders stated that the company raises their premium rates without notifying or giving them valid reasons.

Is Century 21 Auto Insurance Right for You?

There are many factors that may influence your decision when choosing the best auto insurance company around. Based from the mentioned information about the company, it can offer you what you need when searching for auto insurance company that offers cheap rates. When shopping around for auto insurance, it is essential to seek for a company that can provide you reasonable rates. Moreover, it should have a good reputation so that if you have any concerns or issues about your policy, you won’t find difficulties when asking for their help. 21st Century Auto Insurance has all the qualities of a good insurance company.

Overall, 21st Century car insurance company is best known for being a company that offers their services through their company website or telephone. But, if you don’t know what to do and where to start, you may ask for assistance from century 21 vehicle insurance agents. These agents can help you choose the right option that would match to your preferences. So, if you have finally decided that you will avail auto insurance, visit the official website of Century 21 auto insurance and know why many consider their policies!